[Sugar-devel] [soas-2] ...and now it's getting virtual!

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Sun Mar 15 16:47:25 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

I think I've something to announce for you! You can now grab the latest 
snapshot of SoaS-2 as a virtual machine... :)


In this tar.gz archive, you'll find a .vmdk and a .xml file. The .vmdk 
file is nothing more than the disk image for VMware. You should be able 
to import it easily, also in other applications supporting this file 
type, such as VirtualBox (in which I tested it).

Please be aware that this image is still pre-alpha! It has quite a few 
bugs and is certainly not as stable as the SoaS-2 .iso images.

For example, you'll need to select some information in the firstboot 
assistant (which doesn't really look great, due to the use of 
generic-logos). We're also using gdm instead of slim right now, for 
being able to login. Finally, there were some issues with the 
integration of the .xo activities. For now, you'll only see the ones 
installed as .rpms there.

This image has been created by hand, but for the future I'm looking 
forward to have them built at the same time as we build the .iso files.

As always, please come up with all the bugs you encounter or the 
suggestions you may have! ;)

--Your SoaS Team

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