[Sugar-devel] announce: alternate power management

Scott Douglass scott at swdouglass.com
Sun Mar 15 08:56:14 EDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-03-15 at 00:37 -0400, pgf at laptop.org wrote:
> scott wrote:
>  > 
>  > >  > 3. with the OLPC kernel and this olpc-kbdshim and olpc-powerd (which by
>  > >  > the way are really realy nice, thanks a million pgf!) the XO suspends
>  > >  > when via "lid" switch and the power button. 
>  > > 
>  > > great!  did you try the grab keys and rotation?  (those are just
>  > > olpc-kbdshim.)  "olpc-rotate" should spin the display, even if the
>  > > buttons don't work.
>  > 
>  > Pressing the rotation button does nothing in GNOME or Sugar. Should this
>  > be a general X rotation that should work in any X session?
> hmm.  i wouldn't expect the button to work in gnome, but i'd
> expect the sugar bindings to continue working.  the first check,
> though, it to see if the olpc-rotate command works from terminal. 
> when olpc-kbdshim installs, it patches sugar to run that command
> rather than do its normal internal calls to xrandr.  so if the
> command works, but the key doesn't, the debug path is pretty
> short, at least, i think.  (is is possible that sugar installed
> after olpc-kbdshim?  that would explain it.)

In both GNOME and Sugar, the olpc-rotate command leaves the XO with a
black screen. The virtual terminal keys may be working in this state,
but the screen stays black so it's hard to tell!

I found that suspending, then coming back, enabled me to get a virtual
terminal so I could do the "init 3; init 5" dance and restore X.

>  > What are grab keys? I am not seeing any functionality for the gamepad
>  > keys. In the OLPC Fedora/Sugar these enable me to get around the "scroll
>  > bar is not draw even though content is larger than frame" fun.
> the grab keys are the two with the little hands, at either side
> of the space bar.  on an "industry standard" keyboard, they would
> be the bear the "industry monopolist" logo. :-)  when you hold
> either down, a using the touchpad should cause whatever you're
> looking at to scroll.  (if it's capable, of course -- i.e., wide
> or tall web pages, or terminal sessions with any amount of
> scrollback.)

"Grab keys" are working as you described in GNOME and Sugar. 

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