[Sugar-devel] Google summer of Code?

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Mar 13 09:24:04 EDT 2009

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Jameson Quinn wrote:
> Honestly, this is news to me. (and I am the co-administrator of the
> Sugarlabs program). If I had to articulate my view of our priorities, it
> would be something like the following:
> 7-10 points: Key sugar core improvements. Long-standing, important gaps like
> versioning or unit-tests at the high end of this.

As others have pointed out many times, the SoC projects that are least
likely to produce useful results are the ones that are the most ambitious.
 In particular, it is difficult to find SoC applicants who are ready to
make deep modifications to an existing codebase, or will be able to
architect complex software.  Remember, SoC applicants are mostly current
undergrads, so most have never participated in multi-person development
effort, or written anything larger than 1000 lines.

> 0-8 points: Proposal quality.

Maybe this problem is wrapped up in "Proposal quality".  If I were
designing a system to reflect my own internal judgment structure, I would
probably add another /multiplying/ factor, the estimated probability of
success (although I hope we can do selection without resorting to
numerical scores.)

- --Ben
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