[Sugar-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Sucrose-0.84 Branching

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Mar 4 03:27:56 EST 2009

Wade Brainerd wrote:
> To save effort for smaller modules, would it make sense to create the branch
> the first time a 0.84 patch is made?
> Best,
> Wade

1. This call only applies to Sucrose modules. Regarding activities those 
are the Fructose ones and I would say the Honey ones as well. Of course 
as well activities not in this elitist club can do 0.84 branching - but 
it is not mandatory.

2. You want to do branching once you want to commit the first unstable 
stuff. The 'sucrose-0.84' branch is the stable branch, only bug fixes 
for 0.84 should go there. All the new development for 0.86 should go 
into master/mainline.


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