[Sugar-devel] SoaS on XO bootcharts

Martin Dengler martin at martindengler.com
Tue Mar 3 17:57:33 EST 2009

For my OLPC/XO-1 laptop these days, I'm using the Sugar-on-a-Stick
kickstart files[1]. I want my XO to boot fast, not because I boot it a
lot, but because it boots really, really slowly right now.  So I
installed bootchart, changed olpc.fth to use it, rebooted, and voila,
got this chart:


Then I edited /etc/bootchartd.conf to use process accounting, and got
this chart:


I booted without my SD card (which isn't the boot device - I'm booting
off NAND) inserted, and got this chart:


So there's some work to do to fix some SD card badness...

Meanwhile, looks like I should get more familiar with rc.sysinit.

The data for the above charts are all available at:


I figured some people might be interested in this.  Thanks to
sdziallas, erikos, marcopg, and the whole SoaS team for their great


1. slightly modified to add more personally-interesting RPMs,
including bootchart:

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