[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] sugar-0.84.0

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Tue Mar 3 10:10:54 EST 2009

Thanks a lot to testers for finding these bugs and to coders for fixing them!

== Source ==


== Fixed tickets ==

* #406 Focus rectangle corners should be rounded
* #459 .xol support in 0.83(4) sucrose
* #464 activities don't update to a newer version
* #441 Friendstray: icon not reacting to right click
* #463 Network device icons don't react on right click
* #426 In Home View, clicking a already opened activity has some bugs
* #458 icon of the infoslicer bundle in the journal is not visible
* #454 Text Clippings from Write uses data icon
* #442 After installing activity there are two icons in list and favorites view
* #435 sugar-emulator leaks temp files in /tmp
* #72 Error displaying Journal on 21" screen
* #430 Use keyboard specific keys to set the volume
* #307 DBus policy needs checking
* #403 speaker device (icon) in frame doesn't show palette on right-click
* #410 clicking on an activity already running in the mesh view will try to launch it again

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