[Sugar-devel] Press release flurry planning (LinuxTag - FOSSED - NECC - GUADEC)

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 12:30:54 EDT 2009

We've discussed my idea to do a "flurry" of press releases over the
next couple of weeks, coinciding with our presence/sessions at:

* LinuxTag
June 24-27

* Free & Open Source Software in Education (FOSSED)
Bethel, Maine
June 24-26

* National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)
Washington, DC
June 28-July 1
(also EduBloggerCon / Classroom 2.0 "LIVE in DC" on June 27:

* Gran Canaria Desktop Summit (GUADEC+Akademy)
Canary Islands
July 3-July 11

After mulling it over I feel our interests will be best served by two
press releases (eReleases/PR Newswire + Sugar Labs press page +
targeted mailing to journalists & educators), with an option for a
third at GUADEC if there are new developments (very possible over next
10 days):

Wednesday, June 24th, datelined LinuxTag:
SoaS v1 Strawberry release!
Gould grant / GPA pilot -> classroom tests of SoaS
100 GCompris/ASLO -> offer enriched
XO-1.5 refresh/XO SoaS version -> not forgetting the XO installed base
Local Labs -> Colombia, Washington DC, Rochester?
Dailymotion channel -> info source
Image: SoaS beauty shots

* Monday, June 29th: NECC (Washington DC)
Nexcopy partnership
Image: TBD

I feel the richness of our news on the day both LinuxTag and FOSSED
open will increase our chances for wide coverage. I think back-to-back
releases won't work for our targeted mailing list and including two
releases in one mailing would be clumsy. This will also simplify
printing for handouts.

The Nexcopy partnership has a different angle and call to action
(collect & recycle sticks / gesture for schools) and merits a separate

The deadline for the Wednesday SoaS release is in 24 hours... I will
put up a draft for the marketing list in a few hours.

I will attend LinuxTag on June 26-27 and SugarCamp/FUDCon June 28th.

If I've forgotten anything, if anyone has better ideas, please by all
means let me know



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