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kartik rustagi kashes911 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 16:25:34 EDT 2009


I have started working on adding the feature of "Search able tags" to Sugar.
This will allow
the users to tag them self or any else in the network. These tag will be
generalized tags. Users
 will have the option to search for users having a particular tag. Say for
example I tag my self
 as : "I love python". Then if a user in the network searches for "python",
the result will show
me. Here are some of the use cases (contributed by tomeu):
Use case 1*: Finding people with similar interests:
Pepe enjoyed during the weekend his first rock climbing experience and would
like to find other
people in his school who also like it.
Use case 2*: Limiting the mesh view to a subset defined locally:
Maria is a teacher and would like that during her classes, only her students
in that class appear in
 the mesh view.

*Proposed user experience*

*Use case 1*: finding people with similar interests:
Pepe tags itself as climbing, and when someone searches in the mesh view for
"climbing", Pepe will
 appear in the results.
Use case 2*: limiting the mesh view to a subset defined locally:
Maria tags each of the students in that class with the tag "my_class", so
that when searches in the
mesh view for that text, only her students appear. In the case that someone
else has tagged himself
with that same tag, it will appear as well in the results, but will be
marked differently as the local matches.

 As it can be seen, this feature will be a precursor to add "Groups" to
Sugar.  I am right now trying to
 add these tags to /source/sugar-presence-services/src/buddy.py and try to
read these using D-Bus interface.

Feedback and suggestions are requested. If some one wants to add some new
and interesting use case, they
can do it at: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Tagging_Proposal

ps: I have ejabberd set up in my system and wanted to know how to use gadget
on it. If any one has done some
thing similar, please let me know.

Kartik Rustagi
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