[Sugar-devel] Fuse module to access datastore files from normal desktop

Torello Querci torello at torosoft.com
Wed Feb 11 09:47:45 EST 2009

Hi tomeu, regards the fuse datastore module I have this questions:

1 - The title of an activity can contains all the character. But the
filesystem canno handle / charater. At the moment this character became
Is this correct?

2 - Only activity that are stored data can be accessibile. Is this
3 - Nothing is show from activity that no write data file (.

4 - Only title and tags are taken from datastore (and if present the
name of the activity).

5 - At the present the fuse module is not updated. We need to specify
some refresh criteria
6 - How to handle the duplicate file? Add an (1), (2), .... or §1,
§2 .... etc. Using (n) it is possibile have some error if the user have
some activity with (n) at the last of title. Using § is need that the
user is not able to insert this character in the title name.
Of course it is possible to use other character then §

7 - It is possible to get the comment using extend attribute. It's
possibile to get all the datastore attribute using extended attribute.
If you think that is usefull I do it.

Of course a lot of other thing need to be done, but I suppose to be a
good starting point.

At the moment you can find the binary and source code here
I hope to move it on gitorious in the next days ....

Regards, Torello

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