[Sugar-devel] image-writer-mac, incompatible with earlier Mac OS X versions

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Dec 29 18:11:46 EST 2009

On 29.12.2009, at 23:39, James Cameron wrote:
> There's been some analysis of why image-writer-mac doesn't work so well
> on older Mac OS X versions ... you might be interested, Bert.

Ah, great!

The changes look okay, though I'd just remove the read-only check, that should make it work on both Mac OS versions.

>  Is it in
> change control anywhere?  ;-}  I did look on git.sugarlabs.org but
> search showed nothing and the projects list was on so many pages.

It's not versioned anywhere yet. No idea where to put it - do you think a new project on git.sl.o is warranted? Or is there a repo for SoaS utilities? Is someone interested in putting the script somewhere for easy maintenance?

- Bert -

> Question #94113 on Sugar on a Stick changed:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/soas/+question/94113
> lisfolks posted a new comment:
> Yes, it worked!  So, in summary, I:
> - modified the 'image-writer-mac.py' file to look for the text 'Read Only' instead of 'Read-Only Media'
> - modified the 'image-writer-mac.py' file, replacing 'p.send_signal(signal.SIGINFO)' with 'os.kill(p.pid, signal.SIGINFO)'
> The image was successfully created on my USB stick after these changes.

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