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Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 04:47:44 EST 2009

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 2:47 AM, David Leeming
<david at leeming-consulting.com> wrote:
> A "Todays files" folder would be
> useful

Sounds right. You can make that now, by hand, and add a link to it
from the homepage, or from the top section of the course.

> (1) what happens if the version on the XS is different (higher or lower)
> than a version one already on the XO? Do you get duplicates or does the
> latest downloaded/run version preside?

You might get duplicate downloads in the Journal (delete them from the
Journal to avoid wasted space). Sugar will have only one installed.

> (2) how can one upload an activity to a folder on the XS from an XO?

I think Sugar 0.82 (which is what you have) doesn't have a "workflow"
to do this, unless you have it in the Journal (freshly downloaded).
This is an important gap IMHO, can I suggest you confirm that with the
Sugar developers (they may ask you file a bug in dev.sugarlabs.org

> (3) What is the location on the XS of site files and course files, in case I
> want to load stuff manually?

Ummm, don't do that, it will lead to trouble. Once we have Moodle 2.0
it'll include my WebDAV support code, so you can do it safely via

> Here is a combined report on several related non-critical issues.

Thanks. Please please please... file them as bugs as well (copy with
my comments too if you want). This is so that, if they are things that
cannot be addressed immediately, we don't drop them on the floor.

> Firstly, I took note of your suggestion and updated my four XOs (2 B4s and 2
> C1s) using 802/2QE41 and the latest version of the activities. I upgraded
> all of them using the same memory stick using the fresh install method (four
> game keys on boot). So they should have been identical software wise.


> I discovered two issues in this process.
> (1) It's difficult to know which are the latest stable versions of
> activities as the OLPC and Sugar activities pages differ (unless I missed
> the small print). Sugar has more advanced versions. However, I noted that
> you referred to Browse 102 which is the current version on the OLPC wiki for
> that activity. I decided to use the OLPC wiki Activities page for all the
> "G1G1" core activities and the Sugar site latest versions for the rest. I
> have yet to test them all but all seem OK so far. SO, I am using Browse 102
> and Read 56.

That may be a bug on ASLO.

> (2) At risk of seeming to make a fuss out of nothing, this issue has the
> potential to cause a lot of confusion and time wasting....
> The downloads had
> terminated partway through, however with no indication of anything amiss. I
> used a download manager and re-downloaded the ones that had failed to
> Can the downloads
> be provided in a more reliable way so that one knows that one has got the
> full file? Or otherwise recommend people to use download managers.

Um. HTTP is perfectly sane, your problem is with the problem you used
for your download. The download was truncated, and it didn't tell you,
or it did, and you didn't see it (bad UI? distraction at the wrong

Zipfiles are self-validating, and from what you are saying Sugar did
give you a good visual cue that the install had not been correct, so
that side is covered...

> Now to the other issues.
> (A) PDFs uploaded to Moodle folders always open in the Rainbow-Daemon
> dialogue when you left click on the links. If you go to hyperlinks on HTML
> pages either in my local public folders or out on the net, a PDF file always
> opens in the Browse version of PDF reader when you left click on it. In all
> my tests it is fully reproducable using both B4 and C1s. I would prefer them
> to open in Read activity, which has but it's not a huge problem, they are
> very similar. One can also Keep and then open from the Journal. But why the
> rainbow-daemon window?

Ok, so you are saying that a PDF hosted elsewhere opens in the
in-browser PDF reader, but a Moodle-hosted one doesn't?

I will explore that -- can you file a bug (as discussed) with some
example PDFs you find that work correctly?


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