[Sugar-devel] Karma v0.2 Released

Bryan Berry bryan at olenepal.org
Sun Dec 20 21:27:00 EST 2009

We are proud to release Karma version 0.2 today. You can test out the demos
here http://karma.sugarlabs.org. You need Firefox 3.5 or Google
Chrome/Chromium to run the demo. You can download the Karma-2.xo bundle here
We now have a well-documented API and a four part tutorial.

The Karma Project aims to create high-quality open-source educational
software using openweb technologies for the Sugar desktop educational
environment. karma.js is a javascript library for manipulating HTML 5 and
SVG in any context.

New Features:
* Stable API  http://karma.sugarlabs.org/docs/index.html
* Now much more reliable
* Pre-loading of SVG images
* 10+ example lessons

Features that didn't make it into Release 0.2:
* Internationalization mechanism for inline text
* New browsing layout (Chakra)

I am particularly proud of the Karma version of "Conozco a Uruguay". You can
try it out online right away.

If you are interested in Karma, the first step is to join our Google Group
and to look through our four-part tutorial series.

Tutorial series
* Introduction to karma.js,
* Comparing HTML 5 Canvas and SVG
* Digging into Inkscape
* JavaScript and SVG

OLE Nepal and SugarLabs deserve special thanks for their continued support
of the Karma Project.

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