[Sugar-devel] Offer of help with Sugar and related packages

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 14:12:17 EST 2009

Sorry about the crosspost -- I think the best is to keep this thread
going on fedora-olpc-list and to cc Guillermo Gomez ('gomix').  Note!
IIRC, fedora-olpc-list has broken reply-to behaviour so to keep him
cc'd takes extra effort (if you don't cc him explicitly, he'll get

Guillermo is offering to help with Fedora packaging efforts related to
Sugar & OLPC. He is asking that we put together a list of things that
need help -- I've seen some such lists in the early days of this
mailing list but I don't know if there is one now.

I will start the conversation suggesting

 - (mentioned by Tomeu) Existing maintainers are overstretched --
review existing rpms in Fedora rawhide for freshness, offer to
co-maintain or take over where it makes sense. Conssider packaging

 - Scan bugzilla for bugs against sugar-*

 - Gnash packaging (Tomeu)

It's not clear to me what Guillermo's plans are --  whether he'll work
on it personally, has a team working on this, plans to have a team one
day... in any case, Guillermo, I think it is an important first step
to subscribe to fedora-olpc-list. This list is where things are being
coordinated -- not being here you / your team won't be "in the know"
with the things you need to know. It's pretty moderate traffic,
nothing like lkml or fedora-devel... :-)


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