[Sugar-devel] Glucose and Frame

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Tue Dec 15 13:50:52 EST 2009

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 16:39, Cilyan Olowen <gaknar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello !
> I'm all new in the Sugar community, but I'm very interested in Sugar's
> very simple and intuitive interface for my grand parents who are
> completely new to computers. As I need a light and very strong system,
> I decided to base this on a distrib I know very well : ArchLinux. I
> met here another Archer who has almost the same needs and same
> interests, and together we decided to package Sugar for ArchLinux.
> That's for the background.
> Now the project has a little bit progressed, and I'm ending with
> Glucose almost packaged :
> hippo-canvas, hulahop, python-xklavier, squeak, sugar, sugar-artwork,
> sugar-base, sugar-datastore, sugar-presence-service, sugar-toolkit
> (I'm missing etoys and pyabiword). All this is now installed on my
> system and I wanted to make a little check of where I was. And
> surprise, after launching "sugar" in a console, no Frame ! Metacity is
> launched, together with a nice big cursor, but no Frame or Activity
> Circle. Same with "sugar-emulator" which opens a nice Xephyr window
> with a black screen and the famous cursor inside, but nothing more.
> And indeed it seems that the sugar script ends with no error or maybe
> forks to the background but I have no trace of it in "ps".
> This leads to the simple question : Do I have a misconfiguration here,
> a bug, or am I simply missing a packet ?
> Woo, such a long message for a simple question, yes I know, sorry. But
> I needed to introduce myself too to your community ;)

Hi Cilyan, welcome.

Can you attach ~/.sugar/default/logs/shell.log? There should be some error.



> Regards,
> Cilyan
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