[Sugar-devel] Some testing notes for OS10 for the XO-1

Yuan Chao yuanchao at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 21:32:17 EST 2009

On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 7:55 PM, Steven M. Parrish <smparrish at gmail.com> wrote:
> If you are going to try out OS10 for the XO-1 here are a few things that need testing.

Here are my test results on a XO-1 B4.

> Does it boot consistently into Sugar?  Gnome?
Working with Sugar.
A flash on screen during booting of kernel. There is almost no gray
frame when launching activities.

> Any strange lockups?  If so what were you doing?
Problem after resuming from suspend.
Strange behavior on audio recording related parts.

> Can you upgrade packages using "yum update" from the command line?
This time yum works great. The out-of-memory problem on OS8 seems fixed here.

> Does sound work?
Playing works on all related activities.
Recording at "measure" sometimes locks up. Working well in "record".

> Can you suspend?  Does it wake up?
Suspend works but keyboard/mouse no response when resumed.
If push power button to sleep, touching mouse and keyboard does make
power LED flash. Press power button again resumes but still no keyboard/mouse.

> Please report any issues you have.
When booting, mic LED becomes normal. (used to stay on till HAL loaded)
"Stop" in lots of activities becomes "down arrow". (insufficient space?)
Power setting still not persistent. (OS8)
Droid font works great on CJK web browsing.
Scrolling is still broken. (OS8)
Web cam video doesn't work.
Browser scroll bar shows strange pattern when font-size enlarged.
Chinese translations works well.
Terminal font is too large. Can be fixed by setting font size in
/home/olpc/.sugar/default/terminalrc (was set in OS8)
Booting and (especially) shutdown speed up.
GnomePowerManager can't get battery info.
No firefox installed under Gnome, but default browser is set to FF.
Midori is great, but need to set proper font first. Otherwise, font
display will be very slow, especially for CJK contents. (same for FF3)

Best regards,
Yuan Chao

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