[Sugar-devel] TurtleArt - right version for OLPC builds?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 11:49:06 EST 2009

Walter, Sugaristas,

What is the correct latest version of TA that works correctly on Sugar
0.84? I am seeing an issue -- discussed below -- when using TA-79 (as
included in os48 of the OLPC builds for XO-1.5) but when I look at the
TA changelog, I find that it states that TA-63 is the newest one that
will be compatible with earlier releases.

Now, our build scripts ask ASLO for the latest activity version for
0.84 -- maybe ASLO is giving us the wrong answer? Or perhaps the TA
releases are tagged wrong in ASLO?

On the other hand, if TA-79 is good for Sugar 0.84, the 'Developer
comment' needs updating, and I have a question: has TurtleArt changed
file save format relatively recently from gtar to a plain text file?
Is there an extension?


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