[Sugar-devel] [Please Read] SoaS v2 RC Issues

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Thu Dec 3 02:13:34 EST 2009

Hi all,

this is a very quick update on the current state of SoaS v2.

We discovered on Tuesday that we wouldn't be able to ship content due to 
legal concerns that was originally intended to be included and discussed 
how to proceed in the last two days. Specifically, we won't include 
anything that contains a CreativeCommons NC or ND clause, or any 
equivalent license.

Hence, we're going to ship only books from Project Gutenberg. I've taken 
the task of replacing all books in question with adequate alternatives. 
Please speak up if you've any book suggestion that:

    * is illustrated    
    * comes from Project Gutenberg
    * is preferably in a language other than English (not required)

On the other hand, while testing another RC locally in a VM, I figured 
that Read crashed when attempting to *scroll* through an .epub file. 
Additionally, one isn't able to open the content afterwards.

This is almost certainly a blocker, but we *will* need to create the 
master image this afternoon (Central European Time). If you've a spare 
minute, please help us out here!


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