[sugar] Benefits of creating activities

David Farning dfarning
Thu Oct 30 12:45:11 EDT 2008

Walter posed a question on how to communicate the benefits of developing
activities for Sugar in his last Sugar digest.  One approach is to look at
the philanthropic aspects of OLPC and SL for potential developers.

The primary goal of any non-profit is to accomplish the organization's
mission as stated in the mission statement.  The secondary goal is to engage
donors to share their time, talent, and money with the non-profit to help
accomplish the mission.

Step one: Communicate the organization's mission, vision, and values.  For
Sugar Labs, I see our mission as creating a good standard learning platform
around which individuals, organizations, and companies build educational
products.  Vision; students everywhere have access to Sugar.  A large part
of that vision depends on our ability to improve the technology and image of
Sugar to the point that Sugar is viewed as an asset to potential deployments
of OLPC.  Values; Provide a platform that will alway remain Free and Open.

Step two: Share mission, vision, and values. After communicating our MVV we
need to find ways in which our MVV coincides with a potential contributors
MMV.  Here the focus is not on having the donor give _to_ Sugar Labs.
Rather, it is to show how a donor can accomplish their personal goals
_through_ Sugar Labs.

Step two:  Show impact.  After communicating our MVV, we need to show a
potential contributor how they can use their time, talent, and money to have
a direct impact on accomplishing their personal goals through Sugar Labs.

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