[sugar] USB Based Community Access - What could work technically?

Caroline Meeks caroline
Wed Oct 22 12:54:46 EDT 2008


This is a request for technical assistance for "Sugar on a Stick".

It looks like we have a pilot school for our USB boot project, and a grant
proposal in so I am trying to think through various use cases around
creating ubiquitous access with a USB storage device.  I've written up some
use cases here:


I'd love thoughts on what is feasible, how hard, and how much benefit would
each scenario actually provide.

I've done tests to show that "Home" and "Grandma's" are feasible.  I'm
curious as to whether putting some of the boot files on the hard drive (Zoo)
could reduce boot time or have any other advanatages as most of our donated
computers will likely have working disk drives.  I wonder if combining with
a LTSP or other virtualization scheme is possible (YMCA/School).

Note all scenarios are fictional.

Write your ideas here or on the Wiki page as you see fit.


Caroline Meeks
Solution Grove
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