[sugar] 9.1 Proposal: Report cards on XO

Tony Anderson tony_anderson
Wed Oct 22 22:10:56 EDT 2008

All of this is already implemented in Moodle which will be installed in XS.


On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 2:07 PM, Eben Eliason <eben.eliason at gmail.com> 
 > > I'm not sure that such an idea actually requires a special activity,
 > > or a "report card" template with preset fields. It seems to me that
 > > the item of importance is the ability for the teacher to give each kid
 > > an immutable object which they may then view on their XO, and take
 > > home to show their parents.  This object might be a .pdf, or it might
 > > be an image, or it might be something else, but the teacher could
 > > create such an object in Write, or in a spreadsheet activity, or in
 > > whatever suits their needs best.
 > >
 > > It seems to me that the more interesting part of this problem is the
 > > distribution method.  Unlike a homework assignment where the teacher
 > > could share an activity, or (in the future) send an object to everyone
 > > in the class group, there is need to distribute files individually to
 > > the kids by some unique identifier.  Perhaps this is the place where
 > > an "Evaluate" activity does have it's place.  If done well, a fresh
 > > instance of the activity could provide a way for a teacher to fill out
 > > evaluations (or import in their desired format!) and identify which
 > > kid each belongs to.  Then, upon sharing that single evaluation
 > > activity with the class, each kid would receive *only* their own
 > > evaluation from the shared instance.  That instance would then, every
 > > time they open it, simply be a viewer for that particular evaluation.
 > > This is a good example where the master-slave (usually discouraged in
 > > Sugar) would actually work.
 > >
 > > - Eben

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