[sugar] 9.1 Proposal: Persistent activity storage

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Tue Oct 21 21:34:00 EDT 2008

>> I want to make sure we don't slow down the launch time without a very
>> good reason.
> Well, how much risk and how much of Marco's, my, and Tomeu's time do you
> think we should squander on supporting hacks to make activities launch
> quickly?

Whether I am right about this or wrong, it seems to me that many 
developers are emulating Sugar on a desktop-class machine.  Thus 
they are not faced with the day-in/day-out slowness of an XO-1.

In terms of the *perceived* "snappiness" of a machine, few things 
make as big an impression as: "how quickly do activities launch?"

I presume because my XO has thousands and thousands of files on 
line, it is the opposite of "snappy".  When I click in Journal on an 
Activity, it often takes more than one second for even the "launch 
screen" to start pulsing.  And on several occasions I have given up 
(after half a minute or so) on something I tried to launch and have 
tabbed off to an already running Activity -- only to unexpectedly 
have the screen be replaced later by whatever I had tried to start.

I do not think making the machine appear to be more "snappy" is 
'squandering' of resources.  In my opinion, using project resources 
to improve "responsiveness" will bring in more goodwill than, say, 
adding a "Discard Network History" button to the Control Panel.


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