[sugar] Feature freeze for 0.84

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti
Fri Oct 17 14:51:19 EDT 2008

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 7:53 PM, C. Scott Ananian <cscott at laptop.org>wrote:
> I expect that a concrete schedule will be hammered out during the Nov
> 17 joint OLPC 9.1/Sugarlabs 0.84 planning meeting.  I hope that OLPC's
> schedule will not drift much from Sugarlab's, because it is
> counterproductive for sugarlabs to be freezing while OLPC is adding
> features, or vice-versa.

Sugar releases are time based and the schedule is defined at the beginning
at the cycle. It was posted several times to this mailing list for feedback.
You can see it here:


Feature freeze is currently on the 21 Dec. I have the feeling for several
reasons that it might be too early, and I'm favourable about a delay up to
one month. We should wait for the OLPC planning meeting to make a final
decision on it. I hope we will get increasingly better at sticking with the
dates defined at the beginning of the cycle, though.

Other than that I don't expect major changes.

> But it is possible that we will opt for a later freeze, or that actual
> development status will cause a slip.  In that case I expect that
> shipping the latest OLPC 8.2.x point release (sugarlabs 0.82.x)
> available at that time in Ubuntu would be best.  Informally, we expect
> that there might be an 8.2.x point release in December or so, which
> matches up well with school schedules in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sugar feature freeze will not slip (but see what I said above about the
current date), features which will not make it will be punted. I don't
expect the final release to slip more than a couple of weeks, but that will
obviously depend on how good we will be about getting blockers fixed in

> I don't know exactly what Ubuntu's post-release update
> policy is, but it might best *not* to try to chase/push the bleeding
> edge, but take whatever the latest *released* sugar is as of your
> freeze date, so that your "bugfixes" can be for Ubuntu bugs only, and
> you're not trying to follow the bleeding edge of sugar
> development/bugfixing at the same time Ubuntu is trying to stabilize.

I'd agree in general but 0.82 has too many rough edges on non-XO systems. So
for this cycle I think we should be aggressive about pushing a new release
in distributions. Unfortunately we don't have enough resources for extensive
backports :/

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