[sugar] (very) Little Proposals for 9.1

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Wed Oct 15 15:06:21 EDT 2008

>> Carlo : nowhere in the default GUI there is a clock, even if, in the control
>> panel there is a panel to configure it. I think that personal watches are
>> maybe not so easily owned by kids around the word, so a standard clock could
>> be a little, but welcomed feature. (not talking about the clock activity
>> that it is more a "learn to read a clock" thing than an everyday tool). 
> I personally would like to see this built.  I've always thought that a
> "clock device" would fit perfectly into the bottom edge of the Frame.
> I'd really like to see us rework the devices a bit so that they are
> more naturally "pluggable" (at most, the user would only have to add
> one directory at some location in the system to add a new device). In
> the future perhaps we can extend this to a user-facing management of
> installed devices

I'm surprised at the debate of providing a clock in the Frame.  See 

I just now put this into Joyride 2515, and got digital clock output 
being shown in the Frame.  [The coding as given by 'Tdang' caused 
the clock to overlay the 2nd-4th icons on the left of the Frame.  I 
don't know python, so I didn't know how to correct this - but it 
should be  8<) "a simple matter of programming".]

If an User can put in a clock, so can the Developers.


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