[sugar] (very) Little Proposals for 9.1

Simon Schampijer simon
Mon Oct 13 07:11:23 EDT 2008

Carlo Falciola wrote:
> Hi, 
> during past week-end I spent a few hours playing with the 676 -Candidate , mainly in order to check translated strings here  an there.
> Then let my very personal user base (My children: Nicola, 7 and Giovanna, 6) to play a bit with the updated XO.
>  After these "user sessions" we have a very personal wish list and small inputs for the next software iteration that we would like to share:
> Carlo : nowhere in the default GUI there is a clock, even if, in the control panel there is a panel to configure it. I think that personal watches are maybe not so easily owned by kids around the word, so a standard clock could be a little, but welcomed feature. (not talking about the clock activity that it is more a "learn to read a clock" thing than an everyday tool). any feedback and suggestion regarding how and where to put/show it are welcomed.

There were long discussions already whether a clock is useful or not. 
Not sure there was a conclusion. Personally I would not mind having one 
in the frame devices as long as I can set the fuzziness (e.g. middle of 
week) :)

> Giovanna: Why not to enable shut-down from the XO icon of any of the standard view? The icon is always there in the middle of screen but "works" only in one...  (in general, maybe enabling the hoovering menu in all of the views Home, Neighborhood, Group  could make sense and could be reasonably  easy to do....)

The idea was that you do not need to shut down, rather suspend the 
machine :) The palette in the mesh and group view could be used for 
something else as well.

> Nicola: Should be nice to have a bit more feedback regarding already running activity into the home view, since now he has a more "immediate" approach to the system and he is not, as now,  yet really interested to the past story of his interaction to the system, so he do not care ('till now) so much of the journal and frame.
> For his approach a visual hints of running activities (let's say the activity icon in the circle to became colored and switch default click acton to be resume ), maybe could be more useful for his basic approach....

Eben had some ideas about that. Eben, what was the last outcome on this?

Thanks for the feedback,

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