[sugar] [IAEP] Narrative.

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Sat Oct 11 11:34:54 EDT 2008

> What if Activity and Content bundles were one and the same. You could
> have bundles that just hold an Activity to install, or just have
> Content for the library, or more interestingly have it hold both an
> Activity and library Content.

There exist CLI scripts (e.g., sugar-install-bundle) that handle 
Activity bundles (which install Activities), but currently support 
for Content bundles (which install Collections) is thin.

What I wish for is that Content bundles were not second-class 
citizens.  The entire Home View is devoted to presenting Activities 
for launching (or deletion).  But Collections currently are 
presented only within the left-hand panel in Browse.  To be viewed, 
they have to be "downloaded" by Browse to Journal, and then manually 
"launched" (from Journal).  [Deleting of Collections from the panel 
shown by Browse is done only with manually issued CLI commands.]

Activities are "verbs".  Collections are "nouns".  Sugar should make 
the getting_to/using of "nouns" as easy as that of "verbs".


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