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Bryan Berry bryan.berry
Sat Oct 11 11:24:55 EDT 2008

sorry for the late replies

On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 13:26 -0400, Eben Eliason wrote:
> Actually, while I may be arguing a point that you might not have been
> explicitly making, I think there are a few key ways in which we *can*
> embed a better "narrative" into Sugar, and I think they will be very
> powerful.

> This first of these is the Journal.  As Walter has mentioned a few
> times, the Journal is meant to provide at once a container for all of
> one's "things", as well as a space for reflection upon those things
> and the actions taken upon them.  Right now, all we have is a
> container.  The rest hasn't yet been built.

Fantastic vision for the journal! I look forward to seeing them
realized, and wish I had time to help directly

> BULLETIN BOARD (activity)
> It seems likely that a number of these "lesson plans" could be
> created, published, and shared.  There are details to hammer out, for
> sure, but I see a lot of potential in a space which encourages this
> type of sharing, communication, and "narrative".
> - Eben

I like your vision for the Bulletin Board. You could create a new
activity for it from scratch, but I would really love to see you work
together w/ Martin Langhoff to use moodle for this purpose. The great
benefit of using moodle is that lesson plans built w/ it are portable to
anyone w/ Internet access. For example, kids and teachers who have
access to computers but not XO's could create moodle courses easily
portable to both populations.

Many of the teachers in Nepal that we are lobbying to create lesson
plans for Nepali art, music, and history teach at private schools that
probably won't get XO's in the immediate future but do have computer
labs in their own schools. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to get them
to set up their own moodle servers. It will be easier to convince those
teachers to create lesson plans and other resources if they can use them
at their own schools.

Bryan W. Berry
Technology Director
OLE Nepal, http://www.olenepal.org

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