[sugar] naming

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos
Fri Oct 10 17:18:50 EDT 2008

>> Anyway, another one:  a NEED (yes, I mean to shout it) is that 'file' 
>> names or whatever you call them BY DEFAULT carry the author / child / 
>> machine ID, so that when that file ends up in the teacher's machine, he 
>> can figure out which one of the 35 'Write Activity' that were submitted 
>> is Roberto's. 
> While we could certainly do this automatically via metadata tags, from
> an Educational point of view, what is wrong with students putting their
> name to to their work?
> ie.  "The Purpose of Humankind"
>       Martin Sevior, Grade 3E
> ?

What is missing in such a wetware-based solution is
* lack of reliability  (will the kids DO it?)
* lack of consistency (Martin Sevior will get mixed up with M. Sevior, 
MS, Sevior Martin, etc)
* steeper learning curve to achieve operational level, especially for 
younger kids

OTOH, I like the idea of meta tags.  Now, how to make them visible when 
needed (neighborhood, teacher incoming journal) but transparent 
elsewhere (transparent so that they don't clog the user's view, for 
example, with and endless stream of Martin Sevior file names?)

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