[sugar] Home view

Bert Freudenberg bert
Thu Oct 9 08:31:08 EDT 2008

Since we're kicking around ideas again ...

I have to admit I hate the list view in the home screen. Maybe if it  
was simpler to switch between the list and favorites view (repeatedly  
pressing F3 was suggested, but not implemented) it would be less  
annoying. But right now I find myself just starring everything and  
using the freeform layout exclusively, which can easily deal with the  
number of activities I have installed.

So, how about removing the list view and leaving that task to the  
Journal? It's a much more logical place anyway, the list view is  
basically a filtered view of the activity bundles in the Journal,  
right? So if the Journal allowed a filter to just show activities we  
would not need the list view and remove one point of confusion.

- Bert -

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