[sugar] New modules/activities proposal

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti
Tue Oct 7 05:10:27 EDT 2008


there is time until October 29 to propose new modules, and new
activities in particular, to be part of the 0.84 release. If you are
an activity maintainer and would like to propose its inclusion please
send mail to this list, providing the following informations. There a
bunch of interesting activities which are being developed and I hope
to see many of them included in the coordinated release. As proved by
the 0.82 cycle coordination is very useful for development,
translation and distribution.

You can see what will be your duties from here:


The schedule is available here:




* Short description of the features.
* Screenshots or screencasts.
* Are you willing to follow the project schedule?
* Are you willing to provide regular source releases?
* System components the activity depends on.
* Maintainer and members of the developer team, with links to a User
page on the wiki or their homepage on the web.
* Status of internationalization.
* Code repository.
* Bug tracking system.
* Homepage.

Criteria for approval will be:

* Supports internationalisation and localisation.
* Does not duplicate the functionalities of other activities.
* Provide functionality that the community judges as important for
reaching the goals of the project.
* Maintainer responsiveness and willingness to provide regular releases.

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