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Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar
Sun Oct 5 02:25:05 EDT 2008

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Bryan Berry wrote:
| There is something I would like to add. Folks from rich countries (like
| myself) underestimate the importance of narratives b/c we are surrounded
| by libraries, online tutorials in our native language, extensive
| versions of wikipedia in our language, etc. There's a real drought of
| narratives for poor countries.

I don't know what you mean by narrative.  If I were to pick a word to
describe libraries, online tutorials, wikipedia, and other similar
resources, I would choose "information".  I go to wikipedia to learn
facts, not stories.

I agree that providing information is good and important for education.

I don't see how OLPC or Sugar lacks tools to provide information.
Including a digital textbook into a Sugar build for XO is extremely easy.
~ We simply don't have the textbooks.  The problem, in this case, seems
much more like a lack of "content" and translators.  That effort is
important and worthwhile, but seems quite independent of Sugar.

- --Ben

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