[sugar] Narrative.

Michael Stone michael
Sun Oct 5 00:39:12 EDT 2008

Bryan Berry wholly captured my attention tonight when he said (in

   "Sugar offers an excellent mode for discovery but no excellent way to
   manipulate narratives. Both discovery and narrative are essential for
   learning." [1]
This statement seems to me both indisputable and damning; if true, it
strikes to the core of the claim that Sugar is appropriate for learning.

Even though Bryan has already found some partial solutions to this
problem [2], we should take time to debate the more primitive thesis

  "Narrative is a basic component of much educational material which
  Sugar ought to 'natively' recognize, respond to, and manipulate." 

so that we may decide whether this issue should receive a greater share
of our limited design and implementation resources.



[1]: Sugar presently records actions which may occasionally be
decomposed into narrative or situated within an external narrative;
however, Sugar is presently blind to these relationships.

[2]: Bryan is currently encoding narratives in HTML and is attempting to
use Offline Moodle to make this cheaper to support. I decided to write
this email because I believe that it might well be worth our time to
either give him a hand with his effort or to bake support for similar
use cases directly in to Sugar.

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