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Thu Oct 2 06:46:50 EDT 2008

<aantn> Jc2k: wizbit?
<Jc2k> imagine git as a library and throw in syncing that makes sense
for the user.
<Company> to me he said "we made the crack inside git work as a
library and wrote a filesystem on top of it"
<robtaylor> well, we actually just built a data store based on somr
git/bzr ideas
<robtaylor> with uuids for blobs of data with a branching history
<aantn> Company: the best would probably be to combine autosaving with
"hard saves"/commits
<robtaylor> and then have a fuse file system that exposes that in some
sort of posixy way
<Company> if someone comes up with a sane versioning API for gio
<pippin> aantn: autosaving? in my opinion content should change and be
stored upon every minor edit, and if you don't care about revisions
everything (including editing) should appear to be instant apply
<Company> oh, and a nautilus UI that uses it
 i'm gonna bow to that person forever
--> kov (~kov at has joined #gnome-hackers
<robtaylor> Company: well, i think that aps will probably talk to
libwizbit and get giostreams for revisions
<Company> robtaylor: the interesting thing is exposing the concept to the UI
<Jc2k> we'll have some shiny things to show at some point.
 we have lots of crack.
<aantn> pippin: my point was that we should add commits on top of that
for notable editions that the user wants to be able to revert back to
* pippin has shiny crack
<robtaylor> Company: indeed, we'll have some cool things to show on
that point at boston summit

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