[Sugar-devel] [sugar] list of complaints from sugarcamp community building talk

Bernie Innocenti bernie
Sun Nov 23 04:10:59 EST 2008

Elsa Culler wrote:
> Hi,
> Last night at sugarcamp, we(people from the Olin college OLPC chapter)
> were asked to come up with a list of roadblocks  we have run into in
> trying to volunteer effectively.  Mel Chua asked me to forward it to
> these lists, so here is the list in text format:

Thanks for this criticism, I'm sure it is very appreciated.
Some comments inlined below:

> we have to come up with jobs ourselves, and we're not too good at it
> we don't know what we can do that is useful
> when we are told what to do, we have to check with other people to make
> sure it's ok

I think communication would improve a lot if it was kept on the
public channels such as these lists, or the #sugar channel on

> we don't have easy access to cool things that are going on in OLPC that
> would get people excited
>  -for example - it would make people excited just to hear accounts of
> deployments
> most meetings happen when we are in class and we don't know what
> happened or give input
>  - especially with commute (it takes us 1;30 hrs to get here)
> it's difficult to find out what OLPC does beyond the broad
> mission-statement sort of thing
> it took me 6 months to figure out how to use irc, i still don't know
> where trac is
> olpc-dev list emails are kind of over my head
> where are things? (on wiki, etc)

We seriously need to reorganize the Sugar Labs wiki and add such

Would some of you want to take action and start improving our
Getting Involved pages?

> note - if you teach us how stuff works we can tell more people/translate
> the information
> I would like to develop activities, but up until now I didn't even know
> it was up for grabs

(regarding both the above points)  Please, come to #sugar and feel
free to ask questions.  The developers are nice, but most of them
live in CET and also wake up late ;-)

It would be nice if you could also update the wiki with the
information you gathered, so the same questions don't get asked
too many times.

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