[Sugar-devel] Sugar Camp - Hard Problems

David Farning dfarning
Sun Nov 23 07:09:08 EST 2008

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to make SugarCamp II a
success.  From an organizational and personal perspective I was hard
on a lot of people.  Hard, but I hope equally hard on everyone.

OLPC and SL are working on hard problems.  Many of the problems we are
struggling with are unsolved issues:

Collaboration - How do we enable learners to usefully interact within
individual activities?  How do we abstract those useful interactions
to work across all actives? How do we make those abstract mechanisms
work, given real world network constraints?

Educational - How do we leverage technology, both hardware and
software, to improve education in a cost effective manner?

Political - How do we compete and collaborate within the existing
technical, educational, and political environments.

Organizational - How do we scale?

Thanks to all of you who have offered their time, talents, and money
to work on theses issues.


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