[Sugar-devel] writing activities for all sugars

Erik Blankinship erikb
Sat Nov 22 12:04:34 EST 2008

[apologies if this is a double posting... I didn't know I wasn't a member of

The recently updated Map activity is tailored for the g1g1 xo.

Is there a way (and a guide) for how to write activities which can adapt
themselves for whichever hardware, emulator (jhbuild), distribution, build
number, and/or sugar os they are running on?  It would be useful if activity
authors could query this information.  The alternative seems to be bundling
activities for every variant.

For example, here are two bugs we've encountered in making a "write once,
run anywhere" sugar activity:

Bug one:
trac #1657 (scaling within an embedded browser component)

Bug two:
#joyride ...
#keyHash = util.sha_data(key)
keyHash = util._sha_data(key)
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