[Sugar-devel] Roadmap update

Marco Pesenti Gritti marcopg at sugarlabs.org
Wed Nov 26 04:40:11 EST 2008


as you might have learned from the various Sugarcamp reports, OLPC is not
able to fund Sugar development anymore. The only area of
synergy/intersection might be support for standard linux applications. We
have to start walking on our own.

As you have probably guessed, this is going to have strong consequences on
the roadmap. We will have to punt part of the work and to reasses
priorities. We started doing it at Sugarcamp and we will continue on this
mailing list and during the Development team weekly meetings. The 0.84
release will be unchanged, but the feauture freeze might be adjusted a bit.

One of my first priorities will be to do whatever I can to make it easier to
new contributors to step in. Walter and David are working hard to get more
companies involved. It's a *difficult* time, we will need everyone help to
make 0.84 a success.

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