[sugar] [PATCH] Journal able to use "open with" for activity bundles

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu
Wed May 28 14:16:28 EDT 2008


+        if self._jobject.is_activity_bundle():
+            menu_item = MenuItem(_('Start'))
+            menu_item.connect('activate', self._resume_menu_item_activate_cb,
+                              None)
+            palette.menu.append(menu_item)
+            menu_item.show()

Why are we adding a Start menu item? How is it different from clicking
on the button?

-            self._jobject.resume(service_name)
+            if not service_name:
+                self._jobject.resume()
+            else:
+                self._jobject.resume(service_name)

Why is this needed? self._jobject.resume(service_name) when
service_name == None should be the same as self._jobject.resume().

The rest seems good to me.



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