[sugar] [IAEP] OLPC's bizarre behaviors

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff
Sat May 24 00:01:09 EDT 2008

Typo - I should have written:
> Grandstanding about the mistakes made is cheap, with the advantage that most people aren't
> familiar with the issues at hand.

Albert also wrote
> Minus the dollar figures of course, getting contracts out in
> public would be very good for you. Groklaw would be a great
> place to get things reviewed. You should interpret resistance
> to this as an indication that somebody may be trying to put
> something bad in a contract.

Have you ever tried something like that? Can you point out projects
that have done that successfully in similar spaces to ours (leading
edge tech hw)? A contract negotiation is a very tricky thing to carry
out, and putting it on a public forum is one of those things that
doesn't quite work well.

It's a social thing - just tell a prospective employer (or employee)
you are webcasting the interview and contract negotiations.


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