[sugar] [IAEP] OLPC's bizarre behaviors

david at lang.hm david
Thu May 22 16:40:59 EDT 2008

On Thu, 22 May 2008, C. Scott Ananian wrote:

> On 5/22/08, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at laptop.org> wrote:
>>>  e) A more broadly-focused "community news", agressively seeking out
>>> and incorporating local as well as "offical OLPC" content
>>  Restoring the old weekly news posted to devel@ would be a good
>>  start.  Perhaps even publishing the longer version that went by
>>  the name of "below the line" or something like that.
> Below the line was never posted to devel at .  Community news continues
> to be published to the community-news at laptop.org list, which is open
> (as far as I know).  I guess the only thing that's changed is that it
> is no longer cc'ed to devel at laptop.org?  Should it be?

I admit that I haven't looked for a while, but back when I received my 
G1G1 laptop the mailing list documentation seemed to indicate that devel@ 
was the primary place for development and development related news. from 
watching the mailing list I've seen comments referring to several other 
lists, but it's not clear what lists people should be subscribed to for 
what prupose (and what lists are supposed tob e publicly available and 
what ones aren't)

but a weekly summary of development sounds like a good thing to post to 
the development list. it's only one messge a week to delete for people who 
are confident that they saw everything, and it's a good summary for people 
who may have been busy that week.

and frankly, the weekly summaries have contained development information 
that never touched the development list, making them doubly useful 
(although it may be that the list should have been copied in the first 

David Lang

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