[sugar] release infrastructure

Wade Brainerd wadetb
Wed May 21 19:30:21 EDT 2008

Hi, I'm wondering if you guys could provide a publicly accessible area
on dev.laptop.org for releasing tar.bz2 and .xo files.  It's pretty
cumbersome to upload files to the Wiki, and I'd rather not use private

Also, is anyone working on a 'setup.py release' command?  What would
it do?  Something like the following steps would be useful to me:

1. Verify no uncommitted changes exist (git status returns non-zero).
2. Increment version in activity/activity.info.
3. setup.py dist
4. setup.py tarball (or tar cjvf Bundle-Version.tar.bz2 -T MANIFEST)
5. git commit activity/activity.info
6. git tag -a Bundle-Version -m 'Bundle-Version release'
7. git push --all --tags
7. scp Bundle-Version.{tar.xo} dev.laptop.org:/pub/releases/

Warnings should be shown for things like missing po, AUTHORS, NEWS, etc.

Any comments about what steps should/shouldn't be included?

And, this still leaves the developer to update the Wiki page, git push
and git push --tags.


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