[sugar] Providing more information on battery palette?

Eduardo H Silva hoboprimate
Thu May 15 22:48:08 EDT 2008

When I initially read Sugar HIG, I loved the palettes, because it
would provide basic information on the primary, and more detailed on
the secondary. While I understand that the detail provided on the
secondary palette must have some limits, I also imagined that those
limits would be higher than they currently are. For example, the
secondary palettes for connected and unconnected APs are pretty slim,
giving out the ESSID for the first and the radio channel for the

Ok, the workload on the Sugar developers is already imense, and so
going to the point of this email:
Mel Chua is developping a Power Activity, which will show various
statistics like "voltage, amperage, wattage that the charger is
currently supplying to the laptop", to help those in the field
developing and using alternative energy sources to charge their
laptops. In such a power-conscious laptop as the XO, I ask you, and
especially Eben, if some subset of this information would be fit to
have on the secondary palette of the battery. Currently, the only
extra information it gives is a more fine-grained charge bar, and the
time until it is discharged.


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