[sugar] Best way to display scale ?

Arjun Sarwal arjun
Mon Jun 30 01:17:15 EDT 2008

I was wondering if anyone could please suggest some good ways of
writing 'scale' within Measure Activity.

When a user sees a signal, I want him to be able to measure/view the
signal and compare it with other signals perhaps at different points
of time. For this the process that I see should happen is that the
user measures the divisions from the center line and multiplies it
with the scale.

There are a horizontal and vertical set of lines in the background
that form a grid.

Currently I am displaying the scale as
X Axis: 1 division = x seconds
Y Axis: 1 division = y volts

The problem is that x and y are very small values. So it eventually
comes out as something
X Axis: 1 division =  0.125 seconds
Would 10 divisions = 1.25 seconds be any better ?

Alternatively, should I change the sampling rate and distance between
the grid lines to conform to something that gives whole numbers on the
right side.
For example
X Axis: 5 divisions = 1 second


Also, would a simple multiplication based text box be useful ? That
allows one to multiply the number of divisions by the scale to get the
final value that one is looking to measure ?


Arjun Sarwal

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