[sugar] Sugar mtg minutes, 12th June 2008

Simon Schampijer simon
Fri Jun 13 12:45:57 EDT 2008

=====Update on the status of the ongoing features=====
Looks very good: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/ReleaseTeam/Roadmap#New_features

=====How to announce a new release of an activity best?=====
unmadindu looked into remora http://wiki.mozilla.org/Update:Remora. he noted that 
it's not well documented, and the look and feel needs to be changed significantly 
(it's primarily written for addons.mozilla.org), and we would need some PHP dev to 
modify it for our work

Someone needs to step in and do it if he/she has time!

=====Providing test plans along releases=====
m_stone and QA are requesting that each release we get in the stable build is 
associated with a set of tests that they need to perform to verify that stuff works 
as expected.

Basically we make mandatory to have a trac item associated with each news in the 
changelog and each trac item needs to have a testcase in it. We could use some 
keyword in the comment to mark it so that it can be extracted automatically. We 
need a ticket for each feature or fix - each item in the news basically.

=====Documentation efforts for Sugar API and creating sugar activities=====
fanwar's overall approach: One set of docs for high level functional design of 
sugar (Human Interface Guidelines), one set for how to's (almanac - which is what 
I'm working on), one set of apis from the actual code (which will be extracted 
through pydocs) and also some basic startup docs like those by Christoph in olpc 

For the moment the place where the documentation can be found is: 

fanwar requests: In the meantime, everyone continues to document code using pydocs 
and also please contribute to the almanac wiki yourselves.

PS: I will not be around the next two weeks so tomeu will be your host.


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