[sugar] Home Design: Free Layout View

Wade Brainerd wadetb
Thu Jun 12 20:42:08 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 4:41 PM, Michael Stone <michael at laptop.org> wrote:
> First, I really like the idea of a "design dimension" that I see latent in your
> work. Zoomable interfaces should zoom in more than one direction.

Thanks!  Although, I envisioned my "tag focus" feature as being more
like scrolling, than zooming.  In a sense it's like Spaces in Leopard,
where you scroll this spatial hierarchal journal around to find the
containing the page with the document (activity instance) you're
interested in.

In my mockup with the gray 'XO' in the corner, I imagine the corner it
goes to would represent the corner it "came from", and the transition
into the "tag focus" would be a smooth one.

> Second, independent of whether we adopt your exact proposal, we can and
> should think about providing subtle configuration ability for things
> like views. For example, we could rule that the right-most view is the
> default one and allow them to be reordered by dragging. Alternately, we
> could position a small arrow or outline beneath the default one and
> allow the arrow/outline to be moved.

I totally agree.  In my proposal I'm replacing the home screen with a
similar looking view of the journal, so in my system these other views
would be views *of the journal*, which I think is much more

Here's another 'view' that could be selected (or made default):

I'm sure there are lots more possible, and it would be great to have
them easily extensible.


PS- An apology, I realized I've been spelling 'spatial' wrong.

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