[sugar] frame activation

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Tue Jun 10 08:42:37 EDT 2008

>> do we have any feedback regarding frame activation and the new control
>> panel option?
> As much as I hate the mouse activation, I still think this is a
> sensible default. On the XO we have a Frame key, but on other hw
> discovering the frame could be a lot harder.

 From using Joyride 2024, the new GUI option seems user-friendly 
(though the user needs to have the jabber_server_name written down 
beforehand, so he can type it in).  But the old CLI option is still 
being supported -- and in its current state I find it confusing and 
inconsistent.  The CLI should be friendlier (or be done away with).

I myself think frame activation at the corners is an abomination - 
but as long as the "Software Release Notes" CLEARLY tell the user: 
"Here is how to get rid of it", I'll accept it being on by default. 
[ Though using '2000' to mean 'never' seems strange (are floating 
point numbers being compared ?) ]

What I myself do on other hw is to go into 'keyhandler.py', and 
define a spare F-key to be 'frame'.  Then I can activate the frame 
using my non-XO keyboard.


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