[sugar] Sugar API

David Farning dfarning
Sun Jun 8 17:56:06 EDT 2008

This is a follow up to a thread on iaep about the Sugar API

I have two examples of APIs posted at http://www.sugarlabs.org/~dfarning
Both epydoc and doxygen meet the basic criteria we set for API
documentation by using native python docstrings.

Doxygen looks much more flexible.  I am going to try add the source from
a few core activities to see about creating clear namespaces for
modules.  This should help clear up confusion about which classes are
used by developer to create user interfaces and which classes are uses
by developers to work on Sugar itself. 

Please don't panic if some of the documentation for your code is
missing.  The parsers for both Epydoc and Doxygen threw a bunch of
errors on the first pass.


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