[sugar] List of Peru activities

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos
Fri Jun 6 22:02:26 EDT 2008

Hi Sugarers,

anyone with the savyy to get the activity names in the language it will 
actually be used_



Chris Ball wrote:
>    > Ugh.  so I messed up, should have asked before posting.  Sur is for
>    > end-users, bless their hearts, they couldn't care less for default
>    > files, but 100% about the final UI.  Any chance to get that list,
>    > translated, as it corresponds to the UI?
> Maybe someone on olpc-sur could come up with that; I don't know of a
> good way to do so automatically.Hi Yama,
>>  > Chris, are these the names as they are used in Per??  I thought
>>    > some of the names were localized?  Anyway, I translated your
>>    > message and forwarded it on to Sur
>> Those are the "activity class" names from the defaults file, which
>> don't get translated.  The names are translated in the UI, though.
>> - Chris.

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