[sugar] Idea: Aerial photographs of all villages where XO's are deployed

Urko Fernandez tturktime
Fri Jun 6 11:38:24 EDT 2008

?I have this idea while reading an article about OLPC published on
They talked, among other things, about a boy who seemed to think
Internet was inside the XO-1, and I thought it could be a good idea to
have this boy's village or town in google maps so he could learn in a
simple glance where in the world he is, the size and proportions of his
hometown, his country and the world itself.

This would help children assimilate better those concepts, as they have
as a starting point something they know very well, and they could see
what they are being taught. This would make also their imagination go
wild. As google is a member of the OLPC foundation, they could at least
integrate aerial photos easily if they're available. Governments could
use helicopters or airplanes to take those pics.

There's no OpenGL yet in sugar, and the application (google earth)
relays heavily in internet traffic, but internet prices would eventually
be cheap and this could be useful to teach some concepts. It's just an
idea, I wanted to share it before I forget it, it happens to me


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