[sugar] [PATCH] Fixing timestamp issue on wnck.Window.activate()

Sayamindu Dasgupta sayamindu
Tue Jun 3 10:04:37 EDT 2008

Hello all,
I noticed that all calls to wnck.Window.activate() are passed "1" as a
timestamp, along with the following comment in

        # wnck.Window.activate() expects a timestamp, but we don't
        # always have one, and libwnck will complain if we pass "0",
        # and matchbox doesn't look at the timestamp anyway. So we
        # just always pass "1".

It looks like metacity actually looks at the timestamp, and it was the
cause behind the activity switching not working (as mentioned in my
earlier mail).
libwnck/test-wnck.c suggests that gtk_get_current_event_time () should
be used to send the timestamp, with the following comment

          /* This should only be called in reaction to user button
           * presses or key presses (I hope), so
           * gtk_get_current_event_time() should be okay here.
I have attached the patch with this mail. Ok to commit this ?


Sayamindu Dasgupta
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