[sugar] how does an activity connect to the journal?

Paul Fox pgf
Thu Feb 28 11:51:28 EST 2008

tomeu wrote:
 > Yeah, it's a very important concept and perhaps it's not clearly
 > stated in the wiki documentation. Do you have any idea about how to
 > improve this? Perhaps the HIG should make this clearer?

it may be there already.  i need to spend some more "quality time"
with the HIG document.

 > >   > >  -- that's pretty
 > >   > >  daunting, esp. for a program that already saves a lot of state in
 > >   > >  other ways.
 > >   >
 > >   > In which other ways? Can you elaborate?
 > >
 > >  well, like many existing non-sugar programs, this program creates
 > >  a subdirectory in $HOME and saves some state there.  it's a mapping
 > Would make sense if the file in the activity entry would be a zip file
 > containing all other files?
 > Or those files would be somewhere else in $HOME and the entry would
 > contain only little bits of state?


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